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Who is This Fantastic Spastic?-The Cerebral Palsy Chick.

Hello everyone.

I’m so excited to be entering into this writing venture with all of you.

I’m a 19-year-old Australian, university student with bilateral spastic cerebral palsy, and I subscribe to the social model of disability.

"My fabulous self in my wheelchair."

This photo was from my first day with my new set of wheels.

Now that all the boring things are out of the way, you may be wondering why I call myself SpasticFantastic, and a variety of similar things, so let me tell you a story….

Basically, I decided one-day that I wanted a disabled superhero, who wasn’t cured by their disability, and whose disability didn’t negate any disability related struggles their non-disabled counterparts would encounter. Of course, I wanted to create and conceptualize a superhero that I could see myself in; I figured if no-one was going to represent me in the media, I was going to create a character around myself.

I wondered what I would name this hero. I needed something snappy, cute, and punchy, but something that would not allow the readers to overlook the fact that the superhero was disabled.

Spastic Fantastic, I decided.

I was so sick of individuals using part of my diagnosis (spastic) to try and be quirky or cute, or even using it in a derogatory manner. I wanted to own the term, and own that part of my diagnosis as a part of me.

Now, it does seem a little weird to start with the name of the superhero, and to tell you the truth, I don’t have much beyond this. My talents do not lend themselves to artistic or creative pursuits, but my beautiful mother has created an image for me, and sometimes when it all seems too much, I decide that for that period of time, I will be that superhero.

So basically, SpasticFantastic is simultaneously the superhero that I want to see in the media, and my very own occasional alter-ego.

I hope you’re all having a fabulous time no matter your timezone, I’ll be back with another post soon.


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A 19 year-old Australian who subscribes to the social model of disability. She has cerebral palsy and is studying social work full time at university.

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