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Sexual Assault By a Medical Provider Is Not a Big Deal… Until It Is

TW for discussion and details of sexual assault. I wrote this post a while back as a guest post.  When I was 18, I was assaulted by a doctor at the university clinic. I had gone in to get tested for bacterial vaginosis. I was in love and wanted to …

Ania in a wheelchair being pushed by partner Alex at WiS2
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Where Ableism and Fat Shaming Collide

Earlier SpasticFantastic posted a great article calling out Takei on sharing an ableist joke for which he later apologized. The joke centered around a picture of a woman standing from a wheelchair, with the caption “A miracle has occurred in the alcohol isle”. SpasticFantastic did a great takedown of the …

A female symbol (circle with attached perpendicular intersecting lines) where the circle acts as the wheel of a traditional handicapped sign. The inside of the wheel has a red "power" hand
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Why Disability is a Feminist Issue

TW for discussions of Rape Because the likelihood of having my symptoms taken seriously is increased if I present male Because the statistics on the risk of sexual assault and rape for people with disabilities have been listed as high as 80%. Because I’ve been told that my rape doesn’t …

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Politics in the ER: Five ways Doctors Decide You Are a Drug Seeker

On June 26th, I had my gallbladder removed in an attempt to lessen the frequency with which I get pancreatitis. For those unfamiliar, pancreatitis is a condition where for some reason, bile and digestive enzymes back up into the pancreas causing inflammation and pain. In a colloquial sense, my pancreas …

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On Identifying as Disabled

It might seem strange, but I went a long time without identifying as disabled. Let me start from the beginning. I got diagnosed with Arthritis in 2006, my hip was permanently damaged in 2007, and I got a diagnosis for Crohn’s in 2008. Those dates of course suggest nothing of …

Female Symbol with a Red Fist in the Circle. The circle is also the wheel in a classic handicapped sign.
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Poverty and Disability

((This is another post that was published on my personal blog Scribbles and Rants. Since it was written, I have been approved for ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Payments) and so my situation is somewhat improved.)) The other day, I spent an hour and a half on the phone with the …

PET scan of ADHD brain versus a normal brain
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ADHD and the Best Chicken Impression You’ve Ever Heard

Hmmm I should work on a new blog post. Ok open up word, oh hey that’s right the sci-fi collaboration I am supposed to be working on. *opens file*. Hmm but I should really get another post up on skeptability… oh I love her hair! I should cut my hair, …

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What Atheist Communities Can Do

This post was originally posted on Scribbles and Rants. I had the opportunity to speak at FTBCon, and one of the panels with which I was involved was one on disability and the need for the atheist movement and community to get involved in approving accessibility. One of the statements that set …

A female symbol (circle with attached perpendicular intersecting lines) where the circle acts as the wheel of a traditional handicapped sign. The inside of the wheel has a red "power" hand
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Worth Less or Why Disabled People Don’t Matter But Should

The original of this post can be found on Scribbles and Rants, Ania’s personal blog.  In my fights for women’s rights, I have been startled to see how often the issue had an important element of disability activism. Take abortion rights and access to birth control.  I am under consideration …

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Who is this Ania?

My story begins with a creak. That’s a lie of course, my story truly started long before that point, but the creak is an easily identifiable point in time and thus a good starting point. One day my leg, or more specifically my hip, decided to start making noise. What …