The number of zoloft ads I saw didn't fight the stigma I had attached to anti-depressants
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A Story and a Confession

TW: self harm, suicide, depression, forced institutionalization, abuse. (author’s note: I have to be honest, I wrote the first draft of this blog post several weeks ago but had so much trouble bringing myself to proofread it that I’ve just been sitting on it ever since. Writing this proved to …

A picture of Boggle the Owl, a comic that I'll be linking to at the end of the post.
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The Anxiety Roadblock

As some of you know, I recently moved halfway across the country immediately after graduating from college.  Moving is difficult for everyone, as is graduating from school.  It’s even more difficult for disabled people.  The challenges I’m facing now seem insurmountable given my struggles with ADHD, anxiety, and executive dysfunction. …

Sokka from Avatar quenched his curiosity in an unexpected way
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Now Any Questions?

I’m in the process of rewatching one of my favorite shows, Avatar the Last Airbender.  One of the funniest scenes of the series is where the characters are trapped in the desert and low on water. One of the characters, Sokka, runs up to a cactus he finds and drinks …

Me at street painting
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Life Changes and an Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Caleb and I’m very excited to be part of the start-up team of writers for Skeptability!  I’ll say right off the bat that this is a really hectic time for me. I recently graduated college (as in earlier this week) and am about to move …