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Why the Medical Model of Disability is Harmful

Over the years, many different models for looking at the impact and experience of disability have been collated. Some of these are accurate, and others, not so much. Few models, however, inspire such burning indignation as the medical model of disability. For those who are unaware, the medical model of …

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On Identifying as Disabled

It might seem strange, but I went a long time without identifying as disabled. Let me start from the beginning. I got diagnosed with Arthritis in 2006, my hip was permanently damaged in 2007, and I got a diagnosis for Crohn’s in 2008. Those dates of course suggest nothing of …

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The Anxiety Roadblock

As some of you know, I recently moved halfway across the country immediately after graduating from college.  Moving is difficult for everyone, as is graduating from school.  It’s even more difficult for disabled people.  The challenges I’m facing now seem insurmountable given my struggles with ADHD, anxiety, and executive dysfunction. …

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Poverty and Disability

((This is another post that was published on my personal blog Scribbles and Rants. Since it was written, I have been approved for ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Payments) and so my situation is somewhat improved.)) The other day, I spent an hour and a half on the phone with the …

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Supreme Court Sides with Hobby Lobby

Some depressing news. The Supreme Court has ruled 5-4 that women are not entitled to prevent the health consequences of pregnancy (or other disorders that call for hormonal regulation). In my family, the mothers typically have some degree of moderate hearing loss. The reason for this, my mother learned a …

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OMG Chemicals!1!!1

I don’t remember when it was that I realized that when people said they didn’t want to be “dependent on chemicals,” they were referring to people like me. I just know there was a point in my life where I expected people to be able to see that I was …

An image of Paul Corby, the 25 year old man who needs a heart transplant. He is wearing a white shirt and holding his hand up to show off a book he wrote.
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Organ Transplant Discrimination Against People With Disabilities

A 25 year old man named Paul Corby who has never smoked, drank, and is otherwise healthy except for a congenital heart defect that his father died from at age 27. The only way he will survive is by getting a heart transplant. However, Paul has been denied the transplant due …

PET scan of ADHD brain versus a normal brain
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ADHD and the Best Chicken Impression You’ve Ever Heard

Hmmm I should work on a new blog post. Ok open up word, oh hey that’s right the sci-fi collaboration I am supposed to be working on. *opens file*. Hmm but I should really get another post up on skeptability… oh I love her hair! I should cut my hair, …

Sokka from Avatar quenched his curiosity in an unexpected way
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Now Any Questions?

I’m in the process of rewatching one of my favorite shows, Avatar the Last Airbender.  One of the funniest scenes of the series is where the characters are trapped in the desert and low on water. One of the characters, Sokka, runs up to a cactus he finds and drinks …

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On being the squeaky wheel

As someone with a physical and cognitive disability, I find certain learning situations particularly challenging, the operative word being “situations” in contrast to “material.” I know from experience that sitting in a classroom on a hard chair with 60 other people for 3 continuous hours is very different from being …