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Skeptability is BACK!

Hey everyone. I have wonderful news! This blog is coming back after a few months of being without an administrator. My name is Benny, and I have been a writer and editor at for several years now. I’m coming on as the admin for Skeptability with the hope of …

Stella Young holds a beer, wearing a shirt that says "inspiration boner killer."
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My Tribute to Stella Young

The loss of Stella Young, a prominent 32 year old disability activist, writer, and comedian this weekend will leave a considerable gap in the landscape of disability advocates. Whilst those who knew the young woman personally will undoubtedly feel her loss, so too, will the great number of young disabled …

Author with yellow labrador X-Celerator and black labrador Jackson
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My Time at Guide Dog School

Introduction A week ago, I returned home from a guide dog school in the American south with a terrific new black labrador named Jackson. This essay describes the process one goes through to retire an older dog and to get a new one and the emotional roller coaster ride I’ve …

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Missing the bookcase for the forest

I’m on a new medication as of July. It’s working really well, only after I was on it for a few weeks, I started to have a lot of muscle stiffness, cramping and spasticity, including pharyngeolaryngeal pain. A lot more than usual. This is part and parcel to my underlying …

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Sexual Assault By a Medical Provider Is Not a Big Deal… Until It Is

TW for discussion and details of sexual assault. I wrote this post a while back as a guest post.  When I was 18, I was assaulted by a doctor at the university clinic. I had gone in to get tested for bacterial vaginosis. I was in love and wanted to …


Ray Rice and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: #WhyIStayed

Ray Rice is an American football player who has been in the news this week for punching his fiancee in the face and knocking her unconscious in February of 2014. She later married him that March and continues to defend her husband to this day. Rice has been kicked out …