Stella Young holds a beer, wearing a shirt that says "inspiration boner killer."
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My Tribute to Stella Young

The loss of Stella Young, a prominent 32 year old disability activist, writer, and comedian this weekend will leave a considerable gap in the landscape of disability advocates. Whilst those who knew the young woman personally will undoubtedly feel her loss, so too, will the great number of young disabled …

picture of Ania looking vulnerable
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Sexual Assault By a Medical Provider Is Not a Big Deal… Until It Is

TW for discussion and details of sexual assault. I wrote this post a while back as a guest post.  When I was 18, I was assaulted by a doctor at the university clinic. I had gone in to get tested for bacterial vaginosis. I was in love and wanted to …

Ania in a wheelchair being pushed by partner Alex at WiS2
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Where Ableism and Fat Shaming Collide

Earlier SpasticFantastic posted a great article calling out Takei on sharing an ableist joke for which he later apologized. The joke centered around a picture of a woman standing from a wheelchair, with the caption “A miracle has occurred in the alcohol isle”. SpasticFantastic did a great takedown of the …

A female symbol (circle with attached perpendicular intersecting lines) where the circle acts as the wheel of a traditional handicapped sign. The inside of the wheel has a red "power" hand
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Why Disability is a Feminist Issue

TW for discussions of Rape Because the likelihood of having my symptoms taken seriously is increased if I present male Because the statistics on the risk of sexual assault and rape for people with disabilities have been listed as high as 80%. Because I’ve been told that my rape doesn’t …

The author and her family at her high school graduation
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Who I Was Before I Became Disabled

If you’ve read my disability story, you know that I wasn’t always as sick as I am now. It was a gradual process at first that sped up around the time when I had surgery. Since I grew up in Wisconsin, went to college in Iowa, and then moved to Ohio …

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Supreme Court Sides with Hobby Lobby

Some depressing news. The Supreme Court has ruled 5-4 that women are not entitled to prevent the health consequences of pregnancy (or other disorders that call for hormonal regulation). In my family, the mothers typically have some degree of moderate hearing loss. The reason for this, my mother learned a …

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At My Beginning….

I was born in a small town hospital where my mother was born, and where my Grandmother and Great Grandmother had been born just a few miles away. There had been no noticeable problems in my mother’s pregnancy. She was 20 when I was born and was very healthy. Dad …

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Different Strokes for Different Folks

I was born disabled, which means I’ve been dealing with my unresponsive body for over 19 years. When I was younger I hated my body, and myself; I thought I was this useless, broken burden who would never amount to anything. I was a quiet, shy little disabled girl who …

A female symbol (circle with attached perpendicular intersecting lines) where the circle acts as the wheel of a traditional handicapped sign. The inside of the wheel has a red "power" hand
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Worth Less or Why Disabled People Don’t Matter But Should

The original of this post can be found on Scribbles and Rants, Ania’s personal blog.  In my fights for women’s rights, I have been startled to see how often the issue had an important element of disability activism. Take abortion rights and access to birth control.  I am under consideration …