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Yadiel’s Introduction

For some reason, I hate writing introduction posts. I can talk incessantly about blindness and student issues, technology, fantasy and science fiction literature, and many other topics. But I can’t make myself write a good introduction. And trust me, I tried. Still, here I go. My name is Yadiel Sotomayor, …

US Productivity versus Real Wages
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The Price of Productivity

I am disabled. I cannot tell you exactly why I am disabled. I also cannot tell you exactly what it means that I am disabled. I can describe what disables me – how my joints do not work correctly, how I am in pain without cause every day, how I …

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Who is this Ania?

My story begins with a creak. That’s a lie of course, my story truly started long before that point, but the creak is an easily identifiable point in time and thus a good starting point. One day my leg, or more specifically my hip, decided to start making noise. What …

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Welcome to Skeptability!

Hello! In case you don’t know me, I’m Sarah, and I’ve been blogging for Skepchick for almost a year now. I’ve written about my disability a couple times before, and I’ve wanted to write about it more, but I’ve always worried about doing that. Will writing about it ruin my future career chances, …