Living In The Future Part 2: A Couple Cool New Apps

Introduction My personal blog is the most popular independent publication in the world of blindness and technology. It is read by the access technology elite as well as many enthusiastic blind computer users. Unfortunately, my blog, to be relevant to its readership, is loaded with jargon, obscure abbreviations, references to …

Author holding toy as guide dog uses iPad.

Living In The Future, Part I: Applications for Reading Books

Introduction In the article I wrote introducing myself to Skeptability readers, I describe my long history in software and talk a lot about the miserable state of technological accessibility. The fact is, according to the UK’s RNIB, something on the order of 90% of all web sites (now considered by …

The handicap symbol, an outline of a person in a wheelchair.
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Getting to know you…(and me)

Hi, and welcome to my first post. I will gradually get to know you, (I hope), and you will get to know me. First off, as my esteemed peers have all done so eloquently and so beautifully, let me start the ball rolling… I went through a doorway the day …

Author with long braids sticking out of either side of his head.
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The Blind Technologist

Hi, my name is Chris but some people know me as Gonz Blinko. I am an alcoholic and drug addict, no, stop, wrong meeting. I am a career software engineer and manager thereof, I’ve been making software since I was eleven years old back in 1971. I grew up with …