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Skeptability is BACK!

Hey everyone. I have wonderful news! This blog is coming back after a few months of being without an administrator. My name is Benny, and I have been a writer and editor at for several years now. I’m coming on as the admin for Skeptability with the hope of …

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Meet Loki

This is Loki, our St Bernard. He thinks he is as big as a Yorkie, but he is 160pds of love and joy. He is my breath. We got Loki when we were engaged. This was a big change for me. I had not had a dog since I was …

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At My Beginning….

I was born in a small town hospital where my mother was born, and where my Grandmother and Great Grandmother had been born just a few miles away. There had been no noticeable problems in my mother’s pregnancy. She was 20 when I was born and was very healthy. Dad …

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Different Strokes for Different Folks

I was born disabled, which means I’ve been dealing with my unresponsive body for over 19 years. When I was younger I hated my body, and myself; I thought I was this useless, broken burden who would never amount to anything. I was a quiet, shy little disabled girl who …


Actually, I have a handicap.

Hello there! I’m Yessenia and I’m a 27 year old grad student studying to be a speech/language pathologist. I got into this field for two reasons. In addition to my love of languages, I’ve got a developmental malformation known as Eagle’s Syndrome. This article is the best one especially given …