• Bound by statute – From Reveal: “In the last 25 years, Mississippi has charged 5,000 children as adults. Three out of every four of them were black.” THREE OUT OF FOUR. That is 150 black children being charged as […]

    • What a stupid, disasterous building! Shame on Cornell for accepting and funding the design without thinking about it and not noticing the issues (not just the floor) until it was finished. Apparently the horrible floor design is essential to the building’s air flow and lighting, so fixing it would basically require gutting and starting over from scratch.
      Also, the chairs and tables in the foreground look totally useless for this sort of library. They may be okay for sitting and reading novels, but academic libraries need large, accessible tables for setting down multiple books, notebooks and laptops, and many of the books in this specific library appear to be large format books which need an extra large table in front of the reader, not a comfy chair (if those chairs are remotely comfortable, you can’t tell from looking) and coffee tables.
      I would remove everything from the library, repurpose the space as an exhibit hall or basketball court, and build a whole new library, designed by someone who understands libraries. Or tear it down and start over.