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    I’m not a fan of mob justice. It disgusts me almost as much as rape. Krauss may be an ass sometimes, and he’s not the best spokesperson for or the most eloquent of freethinkers, but hasn’t been convicted or even accused of a crime. He may be blinded by his loyalty to Epstein, but that doesn’t make him anywhere near a monster on the same level…[Read more]

    • Kidfucker apologist = giant piece of shit.
      Works for me.

    • Your opinion is duly noted, please excuse me for not sharing it.

    • What is “mob justice”? Define your terms.

      Also “It disgusts me almost as much as rape. ”

      Your priorities are FUCKED UP.

      He is an ******ADMITTED PEDOPHILE******

      Jesus. Even when we know for *sure* that someone is a terrible human being who has done terrible things to other people, we have to handle them with kid gloves.

      Yeah, rape…[Read more]

    • “These are tactics used by anti-GMO, anti-vax, and other promoters of pseudoscience, not a rational freethinker’s blog.”

      Oh for fuck’s sake, it’s not the same thing at all. You’re grasping at straws all because you want to defend a pedophile and the pedophile’s defenders. WHY?

    • “Trivers’ statement is somewhat more difficult to stomach, but to say that he’s not sensible and lacks compassion is in itself an insensible and uncompassionate statement.”
      Well, he basically decided that those children were totes not children and therefore worthy the protection children are entitled to is totes compassionate.

      “He did…[Read more]

    • Your ideas are intriguing to me, but I’m pretty sure if I subscribe to your newsletter, I’ll be put on some sort of list.

    • Nobody is saying Krauss is on the same level as Epstein, and you’re absolutely right he hasn’t been charged or accused of a crime – no one is saying so.

      As for “mob justice”, Krauss is hardly being lynched. He’s facing words which are criticsm of his own words. He’s free to give his opinion, and others are free to give theirs. Free speech works…[Read more]