• Cri Bri posted a new activity comment 5 years, 10 months ago

    While I feel there are many valid and important arguments made in this article, as the reader my attention shifted to the completely unnecessary, and only somewhat relevant, attacks made on specific groups of consumers. I would first like to say that I completely acknowledge the disparity in food access in our country, as well as the hypocrisy in…[Read more]

    • Why do you think everyone wants to hear about your healthy lifestyle?

      I don’t want to hear about your healthy lifestyle. I don’t know you. You’re not my doctor. You can’t tell just by looking at me what I need to eat. You don’t know why I eat whatever it is that I may happen to eat that you disapprove of, or why I don’t eat what you eat.…[Read more]

    • By the way–everyone pays the price for everyone’s choices, all the time.

      If I get diabetes, yes, you still have to pay for my healthcare (but I won’t, because I get tested for it rather a lot and funny thing, I don’t ever actually have it). Just like I still have to pay for your health care if you break a leg running your 5K or doing…[Read more]