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    Not relevant to the content of the article, but I thought Skepchick would like to know that one of the ads that appears at the bottom (at least when I view the page) is for “The Tao of Badass”, which is a Pick-Up Artist product. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel that’s a good fit for a feminist website. I presume the advertisers rather…[Read more]

    • AFAIK, Skepchick doesn’t control the ads but can get specific ones (or maybe specific advertisers) removed. I don’t know how specific you have to be, whether you need to send in a URL or if the name of company or a vague description of the ad is sufficient.

      The contact page lets you include a URL with your message. I think long ago, it used…[Read more]

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    How could human paternal investment predate human culture, if one of the traits of being human is culture?

    Here’s an analogous question: “How could human bipedality predate the enlargement of the human brain, given that one of the traits of being human is the enlarged brain?” Yet we know for a fact, from abundant fossil evidence, that it did.…[Read more]

    • I would again recommend the article I linked because it specifically addresses how both bipedality and encephalization in humans are biocultural, not simply biological traits. I’m not going to re-hash Marks’ arguments–I linked to them so I don’t have to.

      But we know that at some point after the moment when our ancestors diverged from those of…

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