• drbob posted a new activity comment 5 years, 10 months ago

    Jimminy juming jesus on a pogo, I guess all the big problems must be solved if we’re moving onto taking down people for selling drugs with inappropriate names.

    This place needs to dial it down a notch. Between this and the petty article tearing apart that chick on youtube for having a slightly different definition of feminism you’re descending…[Read more]

    • Indeed, there are greater problems in the world than these labels––but no greater offense than an unwelcome topic! 🙂

    • Sometimes fixing the small things can help solve bigger problems. By shifting acceptance of sexism in small ways, we shift the whole culture.

    • As opposed to talking down to an entire blog for not doing basic skepticism the right way? Perspective is indeed needed, I’m just not sure you’ve correctly identified who needs it.

    • Dear Beerslima…

      • I know what it’s a reference to, but I can’t stop imagining that you’re addressing a Dragon Quest slime made of beer. Or perhaps a beer-loving slime (Maybe that’s how fire slimes are made, they steal some poor traveller’s alcohol, get too close to fire, and the alcohol burns). Presumably, Beerslimas would be the grunts of Julia’s army of doo-I…[Read more]

        • PS Apparently something happened with that comment. It’s supposed to say “And to actually get on topic (Sorries! DX)” before beginning to talk about the article. Probably screwed up something, sorry!

          • I have to confess I’m having a hard time parsing your comment. I’m not sure if I’m being taken to task or agreed with, though to be sure my own “Dear Beerslima” wasn’t anything more than a reference. I assumed my intent, here at Skepchick at least, would be understood, but perhaps I assumed wrong.

            I wanted to offer only a little sarcastic and…[Read more]

        • bcmystery, I don’t want to speak for Keveak but I’m pretty sure he’s with you, and just having some fun with the word “Beerslima.” I loved your comment and thank you for your kind words 🙂

          • Thanks, Julia. The last few weeks my brain has been running on fumes, which makes it extra hard for me to know whether I’m being a wit or a half-wit. 🙂