• Jennifer Chavez posted a new activity comment 5 years, 10 months ago

    For the most part I think you make some very good points. But I think that to suggest that asking for information (asking vendors to tell you about the content of their goods or the happiness of their animals) implies that you don’t care about other people’s situations is total bullshit. There may be a big overlap between people who don’t care…[Read more]

    • Well said, Jennifer! Thanks for that.

      I know many vegans, for example, who ask for details about the food being offered at a restaurant or farmers market, who also care deeply about the well-being of the farm workers, restaurant staff, etc.

      I suppose the author of this article–if she knew the kinds of words that regularly come out of my…[Read more]

      • Her point of the analogy between “white liberal food police” and the “religious right” is that both camps deny science and reply on conspiracy theories, scare stores, and outright lies to spread their conviction that they are right, and they should control every aspect of what you put into yourself because we don’t know what’s right for ourselves.…[Read more]

    • Yeah. I have celiac disease. If I don’t ask what kind of flour is in something, I am taking the chance that I will spend the next six hours in the bathroom and the next six days in a foggy world of pain. Do I care about workers? Sure I do. But my primary concern about food is going to be whether or not it will hurt me until people start…[Read more]