• In ‘Transparent,’ Transgender Issues Are A Family Affair – “Transparent is a comedy-drama that centers on a family and their lives following the discovery that their father, whom they’d known as Mort (played by […]

    • What I especially love about the recent Cracked articles on gamers is the epic whining from the sexist children about yet another site “turning against them”. Of course they had no reason whatsoever to think that Cracked was with them in the first place, but part of their delusional swamp is believing that they’ve got the common opinion on their side. (“The lurkers support me in email” as we used to say.)

      • Yeah, that has a history. Whenever they mention nerd misogyny, you can expect that. And you can expect that none of them regularly read Cracked, so they expect Cracked to be anti-SJW. I mean, like, I’ve only seen them go into anti-SJW mode twice, and in both cases, it was far more nuanced than the typical MRA screed.

    • I find it beyond rich that the people who worship at David Barton’s fraudulent feet have an issue with Neil deGrasse Tyson daring to get the details of an anecdote or two wrong. He believed an urban legend as true? Quelle horreur! And he told the same story twice with slightly different details? Release the hounds! Guess he’s getting to uppity for the right-wing.

      You would think he’s been caught rewriting history to suit some sort of political agenda, or fabricating data to line his pockets at the public’s expense, or starting a war with trumped up charges to enrich himself and his friends. But then they would probably applaud him for that since it is their MO.

      I will be concerned when NDT makes a factual mistake and refuses to acknowledge it or correct it. Or, as I like to call it, “pulling a Dunning”.

      • He’s a successful black man, an atheist, and a scientist. All things the Far Right absolutely can’t stand.

        All I can say is, who among you hasn’t been suckered in by some fake news story on Facebook?

    • The GoFundMe abortion funding ban is unsurprising, but ridiculous nonetheless. They say they won’t allow any fundraisers related to abortion, but they still have several anti-choice fundraisers up. They aren’t trying to sidestep the issue, they have come down firmly on the anti-choice side. Here’s the NARAL petition asking them to reverse the policy: http://www.prochoiceamerica.org/get-involved/actions/gofundme.html

    • Mary,

      Wingnuts have been at war with Neal Degrass Tyson for quite awhile now.

      Fox News Guest Launches Race-Based Attack On Neil deGrasse Tyson

    • I wish I was an actual writer, because I have a bunch of (what I think are) great ideas for a Wonder Woman movie. One includes a giant mechanical spider driven by a man-shaped robot that’s in turn driven by a sentient 6-inch mutant spider. Another is a hybrid of Indiana Jones and Saving Private Ryan, with WW being a badass sergeant leading a team of Amazons to track down threats to humanity based on Greek mythology.