• lokasenna posted a new activity comment 5 years, 10 months ago

    “They also believe it causes leukemia thanks to one poorly done and since debunked study from the ‘90s.”

    …have we not spent the last fiveish years going through this exact same thing with vaccines=autism? WTeverlivingF?

    • These things last way longer than you might think. Wakefield’s original Lancet article was published in 1998, and only retracted in 2011. However, it raised red flags almost instantly, and at least 3 epidemiological studies showing no link of vaccines with autism were published by 2002. (These are the first 3 of the studies cited in the BMJ…[Read more]

      • It’s actually the same people. Apparently they’re against all injections. Strangely, they seem to not mind ‘unnecessary expensive urine vitamins’, e.g. taking a gram or more of vitamin C every day.