• I usually try to post articles here that people may have missed over the weekend, but this weekend, nothing I read seemed as important as the latest news of Trump attempting to pressure Ukraine into fabricating an […]

    • The problem with calling for impeachment as a solution to these problems is: what happens if Trump is removed from office?
      Will Pence be any better?

      No matter how bad you think things are, they can always be worse.

      It seems to me that our focus should be on evicting the Republicans from Congress and from state legislatures first. Trump has power in large part because so many of the people in power at all levels are willing to support what he does.

      • I doubt Trump will be removed from office, both because of the Republicans in the Senate and because of the timing before the next election. But even if Trump were removed, and even if Pence were not implicated (which he is in the current Ukraine situation–he also pressured Ukraine to investigate Biden), Pence wouldn’t have the power to do much (or the time to do it in), and Pence isn’t likely to be actively attempting to court foreign interference in our election. He’s going along, but I don’t see him initiating this.

        The problem with NOT starting impeachment proceedings now is that we would likely not have a free and fair election in 2020 to vote Trump and the Republicans out. Impeachment is now a necessary response to stop Trump et al. from seeking foreign interference in our elections–and that’s just what we know about. We need the impeachment proceedings SO THAT WE CAN vote them out in 2020.

        Then, of course, there is the moral issue. Not starting impeachment proceedings is condoning everything Trump and company are doing: the obstruction, the corruption, the abuses of power. Impeachment loses all power if it is not used in such obvious circumstances.

      • If Trump is impeached, who is the Republican nominee next year? They have a lot of (awful) candidates, but do those candidates have the “appeal” of Trump?

        • That should be removed, not impeached.

          • I suspect Romney is in the mix.

            • He’d do better than he did in 2012? Hmmm.

            • I didn’t imply that. Some of his recent statements imply to me that he is trying to position himself as the moderate, sane, competent alternative to Trump and might be considering a run if Trump gets removed or seems to most Repubs to be so obviously unelectable that they feel safe trying to dump him.

              BTW, there were almost 400 of us residents of Romney’s home town (Belmont MA) who actively campaigned against him in 2012… By “actively”, I mean people who participated in door-to-door canvassing, phone banks, car-pooling up to New Hampshire for GOTV on election day, etc. not just putting up lawn signs or signing petitions against him. I don’t think he’s particularly gain popularity since then, but what do I know? I’m from Massachusetts…