• Melanie Mallon wrote a new post, What the Hell Happened to Bad Chart Thursday?, on the site Skepchick 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Bad Chart Thursday, for me, has always been about examining through satire how people and organizations mislead, through charts or through ideas I can illuminate as nonsense simply by charting the logic. But […]

    • For years, I’ve found BCT really useful for teaching my students what not to do with their graphs. So I hope it does pick up again eventually. But your reasons for pausing make good sense, so do what you need to.

      • Thanks so much for your comment. I sometimes feel very disconnected to what happens after I publish a post, so I really appreciate hearing that Bad Chart Thursday is being put to good use. It’s really motivating, actually.

    • I have missed Bad Chart Thursday. Hopefully you will be able to bring it back, though I admit the news cycle makes that difficult these days.

      On the bad chart presented today, on another blog someone posted a similar chart for Nixon’s 1972 presidential victory. It looks very similar to the chart presented today for Trump, and it says, “This was Nixon’s map from 1972. Ask someone what happened to him.”


    • Actually, this is a bad chart. It takes each county, converts to circle and scales by population, keeping the color the same. However, that really doesn’t show the reality. Each county should split into *two* circles, one red and one blue and they should scale to the population of each of them to show the real situation.

      • Or maybe the color of the circles could be shaded from pure red through various shades of purple to pure blue depending on the percentage of votes. But I don’t know how obvious or subtle the color differences would be. Also, just to virtue-signal, would people with red-green color blindness have more difficulty getting information from this sort of chart, or is the difference between red and blue sufficient that any sighted person can distinguish the shades?