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    Hello again to another Friday… oops I mean Saturday! Having trouble keeping track of days? Well, we all are. My mostly-optional Zoom online class schedule is the only thing that’s really keeping me aware these […]

    • I tried sending this link to the “Contact Us” and it said it couldn’t send it. You (the generic, Skepchick “you”) might not have received it or you might have got about 5 copies. Any way, it’s related to the whole mask controversy, so I porting it here.

      This was in today’s Boston Globe, which I fear might be behind a paywall. The author lives in Columbus Ohio, so I hoped it might have been published elsewhere, but couldn’t find it anywhere but in the Globe:


      It is a very serious concern that never occurred to me as a middle-aged white guy. The CDC (or FEMA, which seems to have been utterly useless in all this) should distribute about 4 billion masks with “Don’t Shoot!” printed on them. (A box of a dozen to everyone in the country.) As if they ever would.

      • Thank you, Buzz! I saw his tweet about that… I’m glad there’s a whole article. I can see it, but it’s early in the month so I probably haven’t run out of my “free” ones yet. I’ll see if I can find out about the Contact form…