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    I’m sad to announce that women have been eliminated. All of them. Even me. C […]

    • I would SWEAR that this exact thing has happened at least once before. My tricksy memory tells me I even saw it here, to the point I was wondering if this was a repost or update to an existing story. I guess there is so much British TERFiness to go around that it all blends together.

      Ah well. Good on Always, at least.

    • I always thought TERFs hated trans women because they thought they were really guys trying to muscle in to their movement and take over. I never knew they also hate trans men. WTF?

    • Honestly, I’ve used Always products for years and never noticed any Venus symbols at all.

      I will always (no pun intended) be grateful for the package inserts in Tampax boxes that diagrammed the female reproductive system and explained the biology of menstruation. I never learned this as a captive in a religious school.

      Some people get their knickers in a twist over the stupidest things. Maybe TERFs should fight climate change or fascism or anything worthwhile, but of course they will continue to be pains in our asses.