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    Hey friends, welcome to week 4 (ish?) of quarantine — for me, at least, […]

    • Nice take, Rebecca.
      For those that might want to make their own mask, this info looks legit:

      Shortage of PPE for frontline medical staff is a worldwide problem. Early panic buying and hoarding by the general public has not helped. Even hospitals are recycling their masks after sterilisation.

    • However as a note of caution, there is this as well:

      Not sure what spray is used but the testing method seems to show up some obvious deficiencies.

    • Last night I remember I had bought a face mask several years ago to use while sanding from a woodworking supply store. I rooted around in the basement and found a barely used (a little dusty) 3M N95 mask! I wore it for the first time on my walk this morning. People were almost all doing a decent job of social (or antisocial?) distancing and probably a little more than half were wearing masks. A couple of times I desperately wanted to scratch my nose, but successfully resisted. Even when I sneezed (spring allergies). Fortunately no one was around to get freaked out at the time, and I think the mask contained it all.

      My one disappointment was encountering a local hero who was walking her dog with her husband. Sadly, they weren’t wearing masks but they were staying 6-10 feet away from other people. Their dog, Bailey, was NOT practicing any sort of social distancing as he almost bowled me over en route to sniffing at the base of the nearest tree. Being a coward, I wimped out about mentioning the masks, and telling Liz how much we desperately need her, and instead made a lame joke about how Bailey must be rooting for burritos. She said “But it was a very good burrito” and laughed and we parted ways.

      I’m experimenting with ways to sterilize my one and only mask, but can’t thing of any way to test it without committing mass murder. I put on a trivet (to keep it from getting wet) in about 1/2′” of water in a medium sauce pan and set it to boiling, lid on, for 5-6 minutes, until almost all the water was gone. The pan was full of steam and the mask was hot and damp but still intact. I hope this works…

      • Hi Buzz! Glad you seem to be doing okay.
        I don’t have the link but a study was done on sterilisation methods for N95 masks and the upshot was to use a warm oven at 75 degrees C for 30 min. This worked OK for 20 uses. Wet methods tend to wreck the special filtration layer.

        Was going to post this before but thought better of it as if the method is wrong or inapplicable in some way to all cases, I didn’t want to be responsible for leading folks up the wrong path. Then again, maybe some info is better than none at all.

        Suffice to say that this source passed my hyper critical, hyper vigilant corona bullshit skeptical radar and my GP wife and I are using this method.

        While I’m here I thought this was a nice message from the Czech republic:-