• The brilliant and hilarious comic writer Lindy West did a piece for This American Life last week, which you can listen to here. In the story, West talks about online trolls, and how she decided to “feed” the worst […]

    • I miss the old generation of trolls, the ones who would just say Jesse McCartney was related to Paul. This generation of trolls goes far beyond mere trolling. As evidenced by their sheer fanaticism.

    • The vocal fry segment drove me nuts as they waited until nearly the end to acknowledge that Ira Glass is basically the living embodiment of vocal fry (which has always seemed to me a part of the NPR aesthetic, like the unnecessary 5 second music clips between sections).

      And they could have made a little more of the fact that no one has complained about him, athough part of the issue (which they don’t mention) is that vocal fry is more obvious when someone’s speaking pitch is higher, since it’s more of a contrast.

    • I loved her piece. Lindy is a treasure.

      Dan: I have always found Ira Glass’ voice incredibly grating, and this might be part of why. I wonder if that’s also the problem I have with Garrison Keillor’s tales from Lake Wobegon (I can listen to him as characters all day, but Tales from Lake Wobegon make me physically uncomfortable when I listen.)

    • I can’t seem to be able to listen to it… 🙁

    • The best part was when the troll admitted, “Yeah, I really was a dick, wasn’t I?” I say hooray for him and for Lindy that they got to have this all-too-rare experience. Even though I was disgusted by what he did to her, I felt his transformation was somewhat heroic.