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    It’s the *local* CIA. Maybe they’re different from the regular CIA. Some kind of franchise, perhaps.

  • ScottK posted a new activity comment 5 years, 8 months ago

    What I especially love about the recent Cracked articles on gamers is the epic whining from the sexist children about yet another site “turning against them”. Of course they had no reason whatsoever to think that Cracked was with them in the first place, but part of their delusional swamp is believing that they’ve got the common opinion on their…[Read more]

    • Yeah, that has a history. Whenever they mention nerd misogyny, you can expect that. And you can expect that none of them regularly read Cracked, so they expect Cracked to be anti-SJW. I mean, like, I’ve only seen them go into anti-SJW mode twice, and in both cases, it was far more nuanced than the typical MRA screed.