Why Many Autistics Dislike Autism Speaks

Over on Skepchick we recently got a question from Paul about the differences between the organization Autism Speaks and alternate viewpoints on autism. He asked: I’d like to hear (read) the Skepchicks’ take on ActuallyAustistic vs. AutismSpeaks. I must confess to only having heard of the former just recently (a …

Stella Young holds a beer, wearing a shirt that says "inspiration boner killer."
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My Tribute to Stella Young

The loss of Stella Young, a prominent 32 year old disability activist, writer, and comedian this weekend will leave a considerable gap in the landscape of disability advocates. Whilst those who knew the young woman personally will undoubtedly feel her loss, so too, will the great number of young disabled …

me, with long hair tied up in a pony tail, sitting on the beach in running shorts and a hoodie
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Different Strokes for Different Folks

I was born disabled, which means I’ve been dealing with my unresponsive body for over 19 years. When I was younger I hated my body, and myself; I thought I was this useless, broken burden who would never amount to anything. I was a quiet, shy little disabled girl who …