Why Many Autistics Dislike Autism Speaks

Over on Skepchick we recently got a question from Paul about the differences between the organization Autism Speaks and alternate viewpoints on autism. He asked: I’d like to hear (read) the Skepchicks’ take on ActuallyAustistic vs. AutismSpeaks. I must confess to only having heard of the former just recently (a …

Ania in a wheelchair holding a protest sign and pamphlets
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What Atheist Communities Can Do

This post was originally posted on Scribbles and Rants. I had the opportunity to speak at FTBCon, and one of the panels with which I was involved was one on disability and the need for the atheist movement and community to get involved in approving accessibility. One of the statements that set …

A female symbol (circle with attached perpendicular intersecting lines) where the circle acts as the wheel of a traditional handicapped sign. The inside of the wheel has a red "power" hand
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Worth Less or Why Disabled People Don’t Matter But Should

The original of this post can be found on Scribbles and Rants, Ania’s personal blog.  In my fights for women’s rights, I have been startled to see how often the issue had an important element of disability activism. Take abortion rights and access to birth control.  I am under consideration …