Pair-O-Links: Disabilities in Mad Max Fury Road and Why Autism Isn’t Worse than Measles

Kat Overland discusses the complex way in which disability is handled in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road. Although vaccines don’t cause autism, the idea that it’s better not to vaccinate your kids than to risk them being autistic is completely wrong. More from Sarah Kurchak here. Pair-O-Links will appear …

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Why the Medical Model of Disability is Harmful

Over the years, many different models for looking at the impact and experience of disability have been collated. Some of these are accurate, and others, not so much. Few models, however, inspire such burning indignation as the medical model of disability. For those who are unaware, the medical model of …

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Different Strokes for Different Folks

I was born disabled, which means I’ve been dealing with my unresponsive body for over 19 years. When I was younger I hated my body, and myself; I thought I was this useless, broken burden who would never amount to anything. I was a quiet, shy little disabled girl who …

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Getting to know you…(and me)

Hi, and welcome to my first post. I will gradually get to know you, (I hope), and you will get to know me. First off, as my esteemed peers have all done so eloquently and so beautifully, let me start the ball rolling… I went through a doorway the day …

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Hi, I am tickled and honored to be a participant in this blog. My name is Traci and I am a 55 yr old woman with the congenital birth defect of Spina Bifida. Now that alone doesn’t really say much about me. It is a mere fact of my life, …

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Who is This Fantastic Spastic?-The Cerebral Palsy Chick.

Hello everyone. I’m so excited to be entering into this writing venture with all of you. I’m a 19-year-old Australian, university student with bilateral spastic cerebral palsy, and I subscribe to the social model of disability. Now that all the boring things are out of the way, you may be …

US Productivity versus Real Wages
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The Price of Productivity

I am disabled. I cannot tell you exactly why I am disabled. I also cannot tell you exactly what it means that I am disabled. I can describe what disables me – how my joints do not work correctly, how I am in pain without cause every day, how I …